More Ranting – Journal Entry April 10th, 2018

I find myself less depressed than I think I should be. I mean the symptoms are still there (lack of appetite, insomnia, anhedonia, etc.) but the sadness isn't. No crying or anything like that. In its place there is a bitterness and a tempered anger. It's like the crippling loneliness that I've been suffering from... Continue Reading →


The Poet pt. 1 – POEM

The first line of this poem is from a Stephen Sondheim musical number and served as inspiration for the rest of it.

Soul Quake – POEM

The time ticks by A million suns set slowly Stars blink out forever As we walk through life lonely Voices then whisper A fragile peace then breaks Something that died long ago Returns with a soul quake That girl at work reminds me of your smile She also has your hair Reminds me of those... Continue Reading →

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