Dry Tears

My stomach hurts
But I felt this before
I’m gonna be sick
It hurts my whole core
Still the tears run dry
And I don’t know why
I’ve been here before
I think I want to die
I let it happen again
Despite all I tried
Love isn’t for me
Again my heart lied
A wet tear would sooth
But my cheeks are damp
In going to throw up
In drain as if by a vamp
Why can’t I have him?
Or anyone for that matter
I don’t want to live
My heart is in a tatter
Again I’m cursing love
But I chose to court it
I chose to chase it
But I never choose to forget
I’m crying dry tears
Deep down inside
I can’t get them to stop
Heartache hits like a tide
I don’t want it anymore
Keep love away
It only brings me dry tears.
It will ‘til my dying day

Originally Written on August 5, 2016


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