Irresistible to Me

My petals peel back when I see you smile
I am the Moonflower under Luna’s light
You are irresistible to me
So irresistible
Scent of your neck fills my navel cavities
I love it
It is the sweetest smell
A perfect pair to the nectar that is your kiss
Pluck me please
Hold me in your arms and inhale
I don’t care
I just want to feel your skin
Under your silver light
I release myself and my love
My irresistible aroma
Like the Four o’clock flower
Breathe me inside your lungs
As I suck you into my heart
You are irresistible to me
So righteously irresistible
Nurture me with your spirit
Nourish me with essence
I thrive in your ephemeral presence
It’s enough but I want more
You are oh, so irresistible
Very remarkably irresistible
My life is a garden and with you
It flourishes and forever blooms
Oh, so irresistible
You are irresistible
Unmistakably irresistible
You’re so irresistible to me

Originally Written on September 12, 2016


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