One more minute becomes one more hour Cause one of your smiles is like a blooming flower The hours soar and I still hunger for more Never wanting more than my paramour You are the key to the lock that hides my treasure chest The chest with my heart that I keep from the rest... Continue Reading →


The Infection

Falling in love for me is like getting sick with something that feels good but compromises you. I hate it but yearn for it. This poem is about the infectious side if falling in love.


First dates are filled with anxiety, excitement, expectations and uncertainty. Going to the movies makes for a good first date cause you can distract yourself with the film while still enjoying their company. Here's a poem about a first date.


I used to cut myself. I felt like I deserved it. This is for all those suffering from depression out there. Don't give up and I love you all.

Eye Candy

His skin was rich and smooth like caramel. I wanted to bite his sweet pierced tongue with which he teased me with tangy words. He is the perfect confection. This poem is for you cutie.

Another Dose

Another dose of poison in my favorite mug At first it healed my heart like a miracle drug Healing all my pains from old time injuries Opening old chests with your special keys That naked cherub must have it out for me Hitting me with his bow even across the sea Killing me in my... Continue Reading →

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