What Is On My Mind?

Focus and sleep fleeting,
Can’t wait for our meeting

What is on my mind,
Is the feeling of your body.
All I want to find
Is what will make you act naughty.

I want to kiss your lips,
Put my hands on your hips.

What will make you moan?
what will make you beg for more?
Exploring your hot zone.
Pleasuring your sexual core.

Will you let me embrace you
And let our passions ensue?

Connect to my soul
When I connect inside you.
Our hearts become whole
When your legs I breakthrough.

Your sweat is so sweet.
Our bodies so wet.
Our lives are complete,
In this moment I wont regret.

The music in the air
From the breathing out loud,
Fills the space that we share
With a majestic like shroud.

Your body and passions I want to find.
Right now, that’s whats on my mind.

Originally Written on July 29, 2016


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