No More Part 1

No more crying,

For you.

No more tears,

Boo hoo.

No more questioning my soul,

Cause without you I’m not whole.

I can’t be consoled,

Not any more.

No more blaming,


No more screaming,

For help.

Though I no longer wish to live,

Since my love to you i can’t give;

And I can’t forgive.

Not anymore,

Cause I love,

no more.

To love means to hurt.

And I won’t hurt.

To love means to be weakened.

I’m already too weak.

To love means to give someone my heart,

And then watch them rip it apart.

To Love is to lose as soon as you start.

It is a painful and destructive art.

I can’t do it again.

No not again.

No more.

No more dying,


No more pain.

No more love.

Because of you,

No more.

Originally written on July 3rd, 2017


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