Prince To My Prince

To find your prince or princess is easy. The obstacle to overcome is proving you deserve their heart and then winning it.


The Knife

The battle against depression is one I have fought against for many years. Though I know the suicidal years are behind me sometimes my loneliness from not being able to "open" stirs old ideas for a way out. This poem expresses that.


Gold and diamonds are not as rare as you. It’s hard for me to believe that you're true. Between man and god, that is what you are, Higher up even than the highest star. Still, I reach up at you so far, so high, Hoping to bask in your wings in the sky. Mere man... Continue Reading →

The First

The first time I developed REAL feelings for a guy, not just physical attraction, was equally confusing , frightening and overwhelming. Strangely it was addicting and

The Wait

Another one about Prince Harlen. I miss him and hate that he doesn't respond as fast as I like but I will wait an eternity as long as I know I'll here from him again.

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