Monster, Monster Go Away

Sometimes I feel like I do more harm than good in relationships. This poem explores why I'm possibly alone all the time.


The Wrong Way

This poem is about how the road to accepting one's true self is not always easy or even clear. Sometimes you start down one road and realize it may have been the wrong one. Other times a choice has to be because each road has its pros and cons. Still, in the end, it doesn't matter because whatever road you take always leads you to you.

Can I Play?

Video games are fun, but some games are funner! This poem explores that. (STRONG SEXUAL IMAGERY: May not be suitable for all ages.)

The End

Abruptly ended relationships are the worst, however, it is sometimes necessary. Best to cherish every moment while you can. That makes them easier to remember if things end.

Black Saturday

There is nothing like feeling alone. Not simply being by yourself but rather feeling alone and disconnected from the world and those around. This poem explores that special type of loneliness.

Final Fantasy

Sometimes dreams are so good you don't want them to end. They are pleasurable but they cause pain when you finally awaken.

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